Retired Alabama Schoolteacher Forced into Hospice Against Her Will

A Birmingham court forced Marian Leonard onto Hospice. She desperately wants to go home with her family. Photo by Real News Spark.

By Terri LaPoint

UPDATE June 27, 2019 – Life Legal Defense Foundation has become involved with Marian Leonard’s case. Here is a link to their press release:

Woman held in hospice facility against her will

June 25, 2019

A trip to the hospital resulted in an elderly Alabama woman being taken away from her family and placed under a court-ordered guardianship with strangers. Under this guardianship retired schoolteacher Marian Leonard, or “Mrs. Gregory” as she is known by her former students, was forced onto Hospice and placed into a nursing home against her wishes and those of her family.

Her health has deteriorated drastically since then. Those who knew her before are shocked at her present condition.

Marian Leonard just wants to go home. Her family is fighting a costly battle to get her back, but the forces holding her captive are strong and powerful.

She thought she had planned ahead sufficiently. Almost 30 years ago, she had papers drawn up outlining her wishes. The documents were updated in 2006 and again in 2015. Each update reaffirmed that she assigned Power of Attorney, medical and durable, to her daughter Nancy Scott, who is also a retired schoolteacher and writer.

Nancy Scott – photo provided by family.

The mother and daughter have always enjoyed a close relationship. The documents demonstrate that Marian expected her daughter to make decisions in accordance with her wishes in her sunset years.

It was not enough. A lifelong bond has been dismissed with a stroke of a judge’s pen.

Mrs. Leonard is now under a guardianship by the Department of Human Services (DHR) and Jefferson County Probate Court Judge Alan King. Instead of honoring her plan to have someone she trusts oversee her care, strangers now control her medical care, her finances, and her life.

This includes the power to force her into Hospice care, although she has no diagnosis of any terminal illness. DHR and Judge King placed Mrs. Leonard into a for-profit nursing home, Diversicare of Riverchase, stating that she is not to leave Jefferson County.

The judge has ordered her to remain in Birmingham, a four hour drive away from her home in the “wiregrass” area of South Alabama. This means that most family and friends are unable to visit her, including her son Mack Gregory, who was seriously injured when his car was rear-ended in 2014. Birmingham is simply too far for him to travel under his medical condition.

The state guardianship also includes the power to restrict Mrs. Leonard’s daughter from visiting her or from hiring caregivers to sit with her and ensure that Marian is being properly cared for. From August 2018 through May 2019, Mrs. Leonard was forbidden to have any visits from Nancy, the very person she had chosen to be her voice and advocate.

Those visits have only recently been reinstated. Nancy Scott was permitted an hour and a half visit, supervised, on June 7. The court has now granted mother and daughter two such visits per month. A social worker must be present, and Nancy is not permitted to speak freely to her mother to explain why she hasn’t been there to see her or to tell her why she cannot go home. This is difficult for both mother and daughter on what has always been an open and honest relationship.

How have the basic human rights to family relationship been swept aside so easily?

Hospital Visit for a Fever Changes Everything

In December of 2017, Marian was admitted into a nursing home in Westmoreland, Tennessee, for physical therapy following a fall and broken hip. Her daughter wanted to bring her closer to home so she could be nearer to family.

On January 25, 2018, a staff member at the nursing home arranged for an ambulance service to transport Marian to a hospital in nearby Gallatin to be evaluated to see if she was able to make the trip to Alabama.

A thorough exam showed that she was stable enough for the journey in her daughter’s car to south Alabama. The doctor wrote in the records:

[Nancy] clearly has her mother’s best interest in mind, has arranged care to help her manage her. This is all very appropriate.

Yearbook photo of “Mrs. Gregory” as Marian Leonard was known to her students. Photo provided by family.

Nancy later found out that she was accused of taking her mother out of the Westmoreland facility against medical advice. The records clearly indicate that this is not the case.

Nancy decided break up the long trip to south Alabama with an overnight stop at a Birmingham hotel. Instead of pressing on their journey the next morning, Nancy brought Marian to St. Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham because she was running a fever.

She was admitted to St. Vincent’s for what should have been a brief hospital stay for a urinary tract infection and mild flu symptoms.

Instead, to Nancy’s shock and dismay, the hospital and DHR petitioned the court for guardianship of Marian Leonard. They asked Judge Alan King to set aside her Power of Attorney and Living Will documents.

When Marian left the hospital in April 2018, Judge King ordered that she remain in Jefferson County, which is a 4 hour drive from her home near Dothan, Alabama. She was placed by her guardians into Diversicare nursing home and forced onto Hospice, even though there is reportedly no terminal diagnosis – a basic requirement for Hospice.

Seized, Based on the Word of a Felon

Life-changing decisions have been made about Marian Leonard’s fate which appear to have originated by the word of a woman who is now a convicted felon.

It was only after her mother was shuttled away to Hospice care by DHR and a guardian that Nancy Scott learned that there was a report stating that Marian had “End Stage Alzheimer?s [sic] Disease.”

This was surprising to Nancy because, though her mother is very elderly, her mind was always clear. She had never had a diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s. In fact, as recently as 2016, Marian was evaluated by an Emory University psychiatrist and a neurologist who determined that she showed no signs of Alzheimer’s.

She did, however, have a urinary tract infection (UTI) by the time she reached Birmingham. An odd but well-documented symptom of UTIs in senior citizens, but not younger people, is confusion and other symptoms of dementia. (Source.) An elderly person with a UTI may appear to have dementia or Alzheimer’s, when in reality, the confusion is simply related to the UTI. This could very well explain why she was thought to have Alzheimer’s by the time she arrived in Birmingham.

The supposed diagnosis was included in a three-page “Prehospital Care Report” that originated from the nursing home in Westmoreland, Tennessee. It was signed by two crew members of the ambulance service, as well as by a woman named Lisa Fuller, listed as “Healthcare Provider” on the report.

The report also contains other erroneous information. Nancy says that when she saw the report, she spoke to several nursing home employees, including a social worker. No one recognized the name “Lisa Fuller.” They said that no one by that name worked there.

Lisa Fuller’s signature also appears as the Emergency Department RN on a report from the Sumner Regional Medical Center in Gallatin. The signatures are identical. Nancy learned that the hospital did not have an employee by that name. Fuller also did not work for the ambulance company.

Puzzled, Nancy Scott googled “Lisa Fuller.” She says she immediately recognized the woman in the picture that came up as someone that she had seen on her mother’s hall at the nursing home numerous times. Nancy always noticed the woman dressed in scrubs because she didn’t smile and she seemed cold and distant.

Lisa Fuller was arrested in 2016 and charged with TennCare fraud. (Source.) This is the photo that Nancy found when she searched for the name signed on documents with erroneous information about her elderly mother.

Lisa Fuller was indicted in 2016. She was convicted of felony fraud in October of 2018. (Source.)

It is on the basis of records signed by Lisa Fuller that doctors at St. Vincent’s Hospital, and subsequently DHR social workers and a Jefferson County judge, determined that a woman had end-stage Alzheimer’s, a senior citizen who presented with the confusion that often normally accompanies a UTI.

The picture painted by information from Tennessee was that of a woman with terminal Alzheimer’s disease, being taken hither and yon by a daughter who may be off her rocker herself, who took her dying mother out of a hospital against medical advice. There is ample evidence that this entire picture is wrong. However, this is the scenario that was presented to a judge – a person entrusted with the power to make monumental life-or-death decisions which impacts entire families.

Shocking Deterioration in State Care

Marian Leonard has always been known to be clean and well-groomed. She loved having her hair fixed. Before the former English teacher went into Diversicare, she enjoyed sitting in the recliner and reading books. She used to enjoy traveling with her daughter, who shared her love of literature and writing.

Diversicare of Riverchase. Photo by Real News Spark.

Now, she is unable to get out of bed. Despite her repeated pleading to sit in the recliner, she was forbidden to do so, even when she had assistance and supervision available.

The family friends who have visited Mrs. Leonard at Diversicare have described the senior’s condition as shocking and overwhelming.

Several people have expressed concerns that Marian Leonard is not being fed adequately. She is described as being skin and bones. According to multiple reports, staff will tell them that she had eaten all of her food. Yet when the visitors offer her food, she usually devours it. She often seems very thirsty when they come.

According to one affidavit:

Every time I have visited Mrs. Leonard at mealtime, she has eaten everything on her plate and appears to be hungry each time.

I recently visited Marian Leonard to see for myself. What I saw was heartbreaking.

I arrived shortly after lunchtime to find one of Mrs. Leonard’s friends feeding her scrambled eggs and grits that she had picked up from a local restaurant. The friend told me that a staff person said that she had eaten “100% of her lunch.” So how was this thin, frail woman then able to eat an entire plate of scrambled eggs and grits so shortly after eating lunch?

I introduced myself as a friend of Nancy’s. Immediately she asked where her daughter was and how she was doing. Her love and concern for her daughter was apparent.

Over and over she told me that she wants to go home.

Mrs. Leonard is clearly hard of hearing and doesn’t see well. At one time she had glasses and hearing aids, but they are missing now. Apparently, the court-appointed guardians have not seen the need to make sure that they are replaced.

The friends have reported that, though Marian Leonard is quite elderly, she is still alert and aware of her surroundings when she isn’t “drugged up.” One says:

She is very much in her right mind.

One family friend told Real News Spark that it appears that Marian’s face and hair are not being washed regularly. One of her eyes has been matted shut for at least six weeks. It appears to be infected and oozing. The friend washes Mrs. Leonard’s face and applies warm compresses to her eye when she visits, but her eye seems to be getting worse. It was not this way as recently as March 2019.

Marian’s right eye is swollen and matted shut. Photo taken on June 17 by Real News Spark.

There was a bedsore on her foot on May 4. It was still there as of June 17. A wound nurse came into Marian’s room on June 17 while I was there, gave her a cursory glance, and declared,

She doesn’t have any wounds on her.

Here are photos of Marian’s foot, showing that there is clearly a wound present:

Photo taken May 4
Photo of same foot taken June 17

A family friend notified Real News Spark on Monday that there is another bedsore on her thigh.

Marian’s left wrist was bruised and swollen on June 17.

Instead of acknowledging and appropriately treating the wounds, the staff are reportedly giving pain medications and psychotropic drugs. Some of these drugs put her to sleep, and others are mind-altering, making it easier to give the impression of dementia.

“Where’s the Dignity and Honor?”

That is what one of Marian Leonard’s friends asked me when I went to Diversicare. She told me:

She doesn’t deserve this.

It is difficult for those who love Marian Leonard to see her suffering, isolated from her family. Photo by Real News Spark.

Former Alabama State Representative Mary Sue McClurkin is another long-time friend of Marian Leonard. “Mrs. Gregory” was one of her schoolteachers in south Alabama. I asked her assessment of the allegations in this case. She expressed deep concern for Marian’s well-being and said:

I don’t think there’s any way that Nancy would have abused Mrs. Gregory.

Marian’s health has declined, and she is elderly. However, she does not have a terminal illness.

Never in their worst nightmares did Nancy Scott think that her mother would be treated this way in her later years.

Ideally, she would like to be able to take her mother out of the Diversicare facility that has a number of poor reviews by current and former employees (Source), and take her to a nursing home much closer to her mother’s hometown where she and other friends and family can visit regularly. Last year Nancy found a highly-recommended 5-star nursing home in the wiregrass area that agreed to accept Marian.

At the very least, Nancy would like to be able to pay caregivers to sit with her mother as she has done in the past, but Jefferson County will not allow her to do so. If Nancy were permitted to hire a caregiver, she believes that her mother would not be so neglected because there would be more accountability.

A lifetime of love between mother and daughter has been reduced, by order of a court, to little more than a note from her daughter taped to Marian Leonard’s wall with medical tape. Photo by Real News Spark.

Nancy writes:

The most discouraging aspect of all this–the sheer apathy that pervades our culture–so many people act as though they may be thinking that this would not be happening to me because I would handle my affairs properly–this wouldn’t be happening to these people if they had planned, prepared, etc., etc….

Mother’s durable and medical POAs from 1991 through 2016 show that she gave thought and action to take care of putting people in place (family) who would help her when the time came that she could not do for herself. And in the instant, with the stroke of a pen, this judge set all that aside, disregarded her wishes and ordered her into hospice.

Dr. Thompson, one of mother’s doctors at St. Vincent, a hospitalist told me, “If you don’t like the idea of hospice, then blame the judge; that’s whose idea this was.”

She fears for her mother’s safety:

My mother would be no worse off if she were in a padded cell in Bejing, China, Cuba, or somewhere in the Middle East. Her Durable POA [Power of Attorney], medical POA, and Living Will, in place for years, have been swept aside as though they never existed.

My mother is clearly being held against her wishes.

Yearbook photo of “Mrs. Gregory” in her classroom, early 1960s. She was accustomed to being in charge. Now, all of her rights have been taken away from her.

Action Sparks

Marian Leonard deserves to spend what time she has left surrounded by the love of her family and friends, not isolated from all that she has held dear during her life.

The Alabama legislature recently passed a strong pro-life bill, protecting the lives of unborn babies. Governor Kay Ivey signed it into law. The lives of our elderly citizens like Marian Leonard deserve protection as well.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey may be reached at 334-242-7100 or contacted at this link. She is also on Facebook and Twitter.

Alabama Senate Majority Leader Jabo Waggoner represents the district where Marian (Gregory) Leonard is currently being held. He may be reached at 334-261-0892 or contacted here.

Representative David Wheeler is the House representative for that district. He may be reached at 334-261-0439 or contacted here.

Representative Dexter Grimsley represents the Henry County district where Marian Leonard and her family are from. He may be reached at 334-261-0513 or contacted here.

Prayer Spark

Nancy Scott’s prayer for her mother is that she will not die in the nursing home where she has been isolated from everyone who she knows and loves. She prays regularly that her mother “will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” This concept is found in Psalm 27:13.

Psalm 27:12-13 reads:

Do not turn me over to the desire of my foes, for false witnesses rise up against me, breathing out violence.

I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.


Father, we pray for Marian Leonard. We ask you to intervene on her behalf. Open the eyes and hearts of those who hold the power over her life. Cause this nation to recognize the value of life at all stages of life. Expose the enemy that divides and separates loving, caring families. Refute every false witness that has risen up against this family.

Lord, we ask for mercy for Mrs. Leonard, as well as for her children Nancy and Mack, and the rest of their family. Allow them to be able to spend quality time together before she goes home to be with You, Lord.

We declare and proclaim Your Word with Nancy — that Marian Leonard WILL see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

We ask this in the mighty name of Jesus. Thank You, Lord.

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84 thoughts on “Retired Alabama Schoolteacher Forced into Hospice Against Her Will

    1. This is Horrible. I hope and pray that something is done . Soon. It is so upsetting to see Mrs. Gregory (Leonard) this way.


        1. My heart and Prayers go out to Ms. Leonard and her family for this Deplorable and Illegal act of control and greed of this Judge and medical institutions involved in this injustice.🙏🙏🙏🙏and Gods speed.


      1. Absolutely horrible. An animal wouldn’t be treated this way.
        Prayers that someone will get this straight before it’s too late.
        She was sentenced to a long slow death. Dear God please 𝙵𝚁𝙴𝙴 this lady back to her family.

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    2. This is a shame and disgrace to treat this woman like this. How can this happen in the USA. This is holding her a prisoner against her will. This is illegal. Every one should call there state senators and representatives to demand something to be done immediately. Also to call the governor. This should be taken care of so her family can spend time with her before her death.


      1. This is BEYOND REPREHENSIBLE! There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON for “Mrs Gregory” to be taken from her daughter’s care and place in hospice! She NEEDS to be sent back into the care of those that LOVE HER and will give her the care she REALLY NEEDS! NOT some “nursing home” where the staff ignores her true needs and keeps her drugged and isolated from her family! This is SO WRONG OF ALABAMA! 😡😡😡

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    3. This is abhorrent behavior on the behalf of the judge and the doctors in Alabama. The judge should be disbarred and the doctors should lose their liscences.


        1. Emotions are overwhelming in reading this article. What a shame this lady’s legal powers of attorney meant nothing when a probate judge accepted fake/incorrect documents forcing this dear mother into a “medical starving prison.” This can happen to anyone under certain conditions. Perusal of Probate Judge Alan King’s education reveals quite impressive degrees, including some training in elderly issues. At the very least, this daughter should be given investigative assistance when her mother was taken hostage by a government entity! May God help her and may God change the law/s that allowed this nightmare to occur‼️

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    4. This Is cruel,it is like she is a prisoner someone should notify the president about this .I live in Alabama, this breaks my heart ,I am in tears ,God bless this lady and her family ..

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      1. I agree.. this is ludacris!!!! Animals aren’t even treated like this!!!! Talking about protest.. I would have the whole state outside that nursing home!! God bless her and her family..I can’t imagine the painful times this family is enduring!!!


    5. This whole scenario is reprehensible! How can a judge remove legal papers that have been in place for years? This poor woman is suffering, my Mother died in a nursing home but my brothers and I were with her as her body declined. Someone please take some action and get this poor lady back to her family…..


    6. I never knew Ala.Judge could be so cruel.This story needs to be on Fox News. People need to know about this.This lady needs to be with her family surrounding her.Shame on Ala.ruling.


      1. Someone needs to contact President Trump and alert Nancy Grace! This is so horrible! This Judge is a devil in disguise! Please someone help this woman and her daughter!! Prayers!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏✝️


  1. This is the same thing they have done to my mother here in Chester County Pa. Locked up in nursing homes that violate state and federal laws. When you report the neglect and abuse as you watch your mother suffer neglect, broken bones and isolation big corporate owners retaliate and make it so you can not see your mom by calling you a “trespasser” this is corporations kidnapping vulnerable guardianized elders for profit. My mom is rapidly being diminished with the facility’s parasitic primary doctor preventing mom from seeing her cardiologist and he illegally used my identity to help the head nurse isolate mom to their whims. This has to be federally investigated for the criminal acts these people are doing.

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    1. I had the same issue with my mom, they wanted her check! I took her from there without permission and she passed b4 they could fight me, but she died bc of the lack of care she got with them. A simple urine test would have saved her. The night I took her, I discovered her urine for the tests dr wanted run had been sitting in her room for 5 days.

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  2. Everything you said from losing glasses, staff saying they ate everything in their plate to bedsores everywhere on their body is what my Dear Mom went through at a nursing home in Prattville Al.
    Praying desperately for You get your mom back home!
    Mom teeth even came up missing!
    I visited with her Sunday February 24 and 25 th got a call she had passed!
    I would love to be an advocate for cameras in these death traps!
    Praying for You!!

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  3. This same “playbook” is being repeated over and over again across our country! It is an outrage to our sensibilities ! Since everyone I know is getting older it behooves us all to rise up and demand it stop or it will soon be coming for us!! Until my mother was abused and isolated from most of her family I would never have believed the things that have now come to pass ! Always begins with isolation at some level!!! This is a shame on the legal system. Stop it now!

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      1. This precious lady needs to have her wishes granted and be with her family. I am ashamed of St Vincent’s hospital for being a party to the horrendous act. I know now and am telling my family never to allow me to be taken to there.


  4. My thoughts and prayers go out to this sweet Mother and her family. My sister and I had a medical/durable P.O.A. with our mom. A hospital in Tennessee kept insisting on more than one occasion that mom was going to be placed in a nursing home. Thankfully, it NEVER happened!! My sister and I stood our ground, talked with all of her doctors and the social service manager. We are thankful that we were able to spend the rest of her days by her side. Miss Nancy, my heart is with you, but STAND YOUR GROUND!! EVERYONE NEEDS TO FLOOD THE STATE REPRESENTATIVES WITH LETTERS. #GETMISSGREGORYHOME #NANCYSCOTT #ALABAMA

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    1. We did the same in Kentucky; it took his grandson, with whom he was living when he placed in the hospital, to agree to continue to take care of him, for them to allow him to come home; yes, he had issues in the hospital that he hadn’t had at home, not uncommon, and they – the hospital – got the hospitalist, who had agreed to become his civilian primary – dad was a veteran and getting his primary care from the VA, but he was admitted to the local civilian hospital, the nearest VA one was 2 hrs. away – , to diagnose him with dementia, thus then saying he needed a guardian, but at least they didn’t go the next step of bringing in DHR and petitioning the court for guardianship themselves; they just wanted me to get it, with the idea of placing him in a nursing home in such a way that he couldn’t sign himself out, which I supposed I could have done and just not done that, but all stemming from grandson, upon seeing the issues he was having at the hospital saying he couldn’t continue to take care of him, but when he realized they then weren’t going to let him come home – somewhat understandably if he were going to come home in that condition – he then began to change his mind and they then allowed us to bring him home on a 30 day trial basis with home health evaluating his condition, then thankfully, once we got him home he did improve in that 30 days and everything was fine, but this is scary, how close it could have gone differently; glad they didn’t accuse us of taking him out AMA

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  5. This is nothing but a way for them to murder our loved ones and to take anything that they my have left. This is unforgivable. God will have his way with each and everyone involved. I really don’t care who sees this. I’m pissed!!😡😡😡

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  6. This is so very sad and honestly just makes me mad. I am a state certified care giver and cannot discuss my clients but I work 7 days a week and am on call 24 hours a day and my goal is to keep elderly people out of care homes and in their own homes. It costs the state alot less to pay me vs. paying a care home too. But the most important thing is the dignity of being elderly yet still able to be with your own belongings, have your own space and a feeling of self reliance. When asked recently if I took care of a clients medications, I said yes but my client calls in the refills and I pick them up and organize them in the pillbox. It seems a small thing but it is huge as my client is recognized on a first name basis by the pharmacy and it is a feeling of independence. Dignity, love, respect, independence, time and genuine attention, being listened to, these are just a few important things as we age. We will all age, treat as you would want to be treated is a wonderful motto. My prayers go out to this family. God bless in this situation and any and all similar to this.

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    1. His Twitter is @realDonaldTrump. It would be wonderful if this and other stories like this can be brought to his attention. There are many advocates all over the country working to fight for families against corruption within both the Child and Adult Protective Services systems, as well as fighting for judicial accountability, and abuse within the foster care and adoption system. Many of these advocates would love to meet with our President and bring these things to his attention, as well as proposals for solutions.
      This is where you, the public, come in. We need as many people as possible to share this story and others like this, become educated, and bring these stories to the attention of our President and other elected officials. The purpose of the press, as envisioned by our Founding Fathers, was to hold our government accountable to the We, the People and to the Constitution.
      Terri LaPoint
      Real News Spark


    2. This is so wrong! With her daughter is where she needs to be ..this is the most incredibly ridiculous story. something needs to be done. Immediately..I’m no attorney so I don’t know what to do but I do know she has papers stating what she wanted in her sunset years and that’s the way it should be ! I’ll do whatever I need to help her..I took care of my mother too.nursing homes are no place to be , home is a better option with love ones.


    3. I would be in jail if this was my mom. It sound like the powers that be are in the kidnapping and stealing business. I would have county, state and federal investigations, for the judge, DHR, this nursing home and hospice, doctors, nurses, and CNAs, They would know me on a first name basis because I would worry the hell outta them, until my momma was home. I am so sorry this is happening to this family. This is not acceptable in any shape, form or fashion.


      1. The best way to deal with this is to flood the phone lines of these represenatives. I live in Ga and im calling all of the numbers including the governor

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  7. This is heartbreaking! I live in the Birmingham area and I would love to help in any way. I’m a single mom so I can’t do anything monetary, but I could go and sit with Mrs Gregory or bring her food on the weekends when I’m off work, or I could have one of my daughters sit with her/bring her food during the week. We would love to do anything we can to help out until she is reunited with her family. I’m not sure who we would contact but if her family sees this comment just give me a call or text me, and just let me know what you would like for me to do. I have an elderly grandfather that I love dearly so to hear of this abuse just breaks my heart! Oh speaking of my grandfather, he is in excellent health, lives on his own and is able to drive, he doesn’t work and I could get him to say he was an old friend of hers and go and sit with her during the day and bring her food, if her family would like.

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  8. I’ve known Ms Marion a long time and she would not want this please let her go home and be with her family for what time she has left where she can properly be taken care of.

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  9. With so many friends and relatives concerned about this, an attorney versed in senior issues should be hired to prepare whatever intervention documents and appeal that needs to be done. It may be that Legal Aid in that area could help with this if there aren’t funds to pay for it, although this story didn’t say if the patient has money for this. All the facts in this story need to be repeated, including the information on the mystery woman Lisa Fuller that the facility says doesn’t work there. The most important thing a senior needs is an advocate.

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  10. The same thing happened to me last year.(2018) I was in the hospital and my uncle went before Judge King and had mine and my son’s rights taken away for the care of my mother. She had dementia.I ended up taking care of her but without any funds from the courts.It is a shame that a judge can make a decision against the wishes of an elderly person.My mother passed in April of 2019 but I can’t say enough about the heartbrake and worry we went through because of the threats of nursing homes and decisions of people who didn’t even know her.Dont forget the attorney fees on her behalf.My mother had her final years ripped from her so quick and we could not do anything about it not even on her dying bed.Please if I can help anyone else to NOT have to go through this let me know..


  11. I’ve know Mrs Gregory since 1960. She was my English teacher. Her daughter Nancy was my classmate. Nancy would never harm her mother!! She loves her and has been caring for her for years. Let Mrs Gregory go home and spend her time with family and friends.


  12. I will contact all the individuals you have listed & will pass this along also! So frightening!! My prayers are with Mrs Gregory & Nancy!!!💗&🙏


  13. This is absolutely unacceptable and the same happened to my grandmother in North Carolina. I hope the state and the nursing home are sued. I worked in a nursing home while going deciding to go to school for nursing and by God, this would not have happened on my watch. The state of Alabama is becoming more and more disgusting everyday with their insidious laws and especially their laws against women.


    1. I believe Alabama is protecting life. Just need to focus on the elderly too. Two helpless groups: the unborn and the elderly.


      1. Attention to this should be brought to the proper person(s)IMMEDIATELY. In my opinion, some but not all, nursing homes are hell holes. Anyone, let alone the elderly, should NEVER be treated this way and I can’t imagine the family’s rights being taken away as stated in this article.


  14. The family needs to call state/ federal nursing home inspectors office in Montgomery and file a complaint so that they can investigate her care. Ombudsman also come in and help mediate for family to help solve problems. This is a beyond belief situation and should be investigated immediately !!!


    1. My brother and I have both contacted the Alabama Director for the Ombudsman program—-nothing. And I tried to file a complaint with the state nursing board (Alabama)—-wouldn’t touch it—all because these organizations will not go against a judge.


  15. This makes my blood boil! This whole medical kidnapping is happening more and more. The sooner people wake up to the fact that the AMA, FDA, medicare, medicaid, big pharma, etc is one billion dollar MAFIA the better. They are forcing medical treatments, drugs, and hospitalizations/care homes against people’s will. Why? They want grandma’s house and money. They want to use these kidnapped victims for medical and drug experimentation. They are a vile bunch! Best thing to do is stay away from doctors and hospitals! Time to re-learn old fashioned remedies people have used for thousands of years!

    I hope the people behind stories like this are met with the same horrific fate they heap upon others.


  16. I live in fear of this same type of thing happening to me. I’m chronically ill, disabled, widowed, and turn 65 in a week. I live alone and struggle because my pain medications (which enabled me to function), which I took with no incident and no problems for 15 years, were taken away 3 years ago because of the opioid hysteria currently happening in America. I have all of the proper legal documents in place, but evidently that makes no difference in this country.


  17. This whole situation is based on a dishonest act played out by this “Lisa Fuller” character. It sounds like she’s the missing piece to the puzzle and needs to be tracked down. Then I would find out exactly WHO all was involved in this cruel, and if not illegal then downright unethical treatment of Marian Gregory.
    As for having an elderly loved one in a nursing home or hospital, you basically must have a family member or caregiver with them at all times. If not, they stand the risk of being taken advantage of or not being cared for properly. It is terribly sad, but that’s the honest truth!

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  18. This is very disturbing to me that with a swipe of a pen, a judge, who knows nothing about this women and family, can make a life altering decision. Why do we pay lawyers to draw up a will that can be contested, or in this case be falsified, into doing what they think best? This is all about money and not considerations about life.

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  19. I hope everyone who has taken the time to comment here has also contacted the Alabama representatives even if you don’t live in Alabama.

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  20. This is beyond disturbing. They will wait until she is near death and then decide to discharge her to the care of her family! I believe it is time for the Governor to intervene. The South has a bad enough reputation without us asking for it!! We know how to love our elderly here in the south…somebody messed up big time. For the sake and safety of Ms. Marian Leonard…CORRECT THIS EVIL NOW.

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  21. Terri LaPoint, why aren’t Birmingham local news outlets covering this? In a search, I could find no articles about this on, or local Fox News channel. Are they aware of this?


  22. Please have the family call Senator Doug Jones office tomorrow, He will be able to help, believe me. That is his job . Please have the family contact his office immediately.


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