“We Hold These Truths” Show – State Sponsored Kidnapping of the Elderly and Disabled

Terri holds up some, not all, of the documentation in the latest Real News Spark article as Seraphim Schwab and Terri LaPoint discuss the power of the state to take senior citizens and the disabled. [Screen shot from YouTube video.]

By Terri LaPoint

I was recently a guest on the show “We Hold These Truths” with Seraphim Schwab to discuss the latest story of the retired Alabama schoolteacher who was taken from her family and forced onto hospice care by the court. See article:

Retired Alabama Schoolteacher Forced into Hospice Against Her Will

We also discussed the story of a disabled North Carolina boy taken away from his family. See article:

Special Needs Boy Deteriorated in State Care After Doctors Criticized Mom for Seeking Answers

In both of these cases, as in many other cases we have investigated, the loved one has fared far worse since being seized from their families than they ever did in their own homes and families.

Marian Leonard before and after intervention by Adult Protective Services and court-ordered guardianship. Photos provided by family to Life Legal Defense Foundation. Story here.
Nathan Zeller with his mother before and after intervention by Child Protective Services. Photos provided by family.

There are three times as many adults under guardianship care than there are children in foster care. Just as we have seen many times with children, “Protective Services” can step into innocent families and remove a senior adult or disabled family member from their family. This is often done based on false allegations, while exonerating evidence is ignored. When that happens, people suffer.

The host of the show is very familiar with this reality. His family has been reunited after a brutal battle with Child Protective Services of Kansas. I covered his family’s journey as an investigative journalist with MedicalKidnap.com, and rejoiced with them when they were ultimately reunited more than a year ago.

Watch the show which aired live online Sunday night, June 30, 2019:


2 thoughts on ““We Hold These Truths” Show – State Sponsored Kidnapping of the Elderly and Disabled

  1. Right?! Was the professor and his wife ever helped? You remember right? She went to one of your court hearings in Manhattan! You were all going to help her


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