Parents and Advocates Unite to Rally for Children in DC

By Terri LaPoint, Real News Spark
May 12, 2022

Family Rights advocates from many groups all around the nation are heading to Washington, DC, for a rally at the Washington Monument on Saturday, May 21, 2022.

The Family Rights Rally–The Children’s Movement–is sponsored by the Family Forward Project, a national group dedicated to families. According to a press release, the mission of the rally is “to UNIFY all platforms across the nation to make one major statement and demand REFORM. Many people are speaking out and drawing attention to the INJUSTICE through Child Welfare. TIME FOR CHANGE.”

“Set Our Children Free” – the rally cry of the Family Forward Project

The rally is intended to be informative, providing networking opportunities for families dealing with Child Protective Services and Child Welfare. It is “not just for past injustices, but to lay out clear concise plans to move forward to REFORM, to educate by bringing awareness to the injustices in the Child Welfare System, and to bring awareness to the injustices in Child Welfare (foster care system).”

Organizers want all participants to remember this is a rally, not a protest.

The event will be held at the Washington Monument on the Northeast quadrant from 1 to 6 p.m. on May 21. There will be live music, speakers, and podcasters, “from diverse backgrounds and professions, all extensively experienced with dealing with state CPS and Child Welfare. We are many, and together we will inform and prevail.”

Speakers include:

  • Ae Devyn Holubar (Parents assisting Parents Network)
  • Kimberly Lowe (Nothing is Impossible)
  • Laura Ann Thomason (Family Forward Missouri)
  • Karen Cook (Family Forward Illinois)
  • Connie Reguli (Family Forward Project)
  • Kathleen Arthur (Title IV REFORM)
  • Frank Hand (Fathers and Families New York)
  • Katrina Milburn (Mental Health Advocate)
  • Anthony Cibelli (Activist for Transparency, Equal Protection, Accountability)
  • Amanda Beyers Parratt (DCFS Undercover)
  • Janice Grenadier (JudicalPedia)
  • Trea Jackson (former foster child and Author of the book series The Innocent Eyes of a Child)
  • Maureen O’Neill Davis (Family Forward Advocacy)
  • Heather Carter (Advocate Podcaster)
  • Kim Paige (Advocate)
  • Brian Godier (Justice for Kids Convoy)
  • Terri LaPoint (Medical Kidnapping)
  • Jaclyn Cholowa-Perkins (Our Journey Towards Justice)
  • Lisa Vincent Esq. (Family Attorney)
  • Brian Lee (Veterans-Nancy Schafer)
  • and many more.

The Family Rights Rally organizers issue this proclamation:

On this day, May 21st, 2022, We stand together: Children alienated by court orders, children missing and separated from their parents, children requiring high-need mental health care, children abused/neglected in foster care, children traumatized by the actions of court systems, displaced youth being trafficked, and grandparents’ rights to care for their grandchildren.

For more information, go to the Family Rights Rally at the Washington Monument, Washington, D.C. event page on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Parents and Advocates Unite to Rally for Children in DC

  1. Hello Terri. My name is robert malek and I am the founder of acs,
    I am also the president of bobmitchellinvestigativejournalism, inc.
    I am presently litigating 1 case of which will soon become several.
    The one I am handling now is a federal religious freedom case against acs and nys ocfs, etc
    That a state and its actors cannot terminate a pre existing religious relationship between parent and child.
    I am going to be filing several more cases that affect all families in nyc, nys and the country as a whole.
    1. Acs nyc and nyc children do not exist legally. ( this is several cases in itself )
    2. False background reports are being done on parents by investigative consultants.
    3. The structure of acs court itself.
    4. The termination of parental rights without a jury and even without a finding.
    5. Cases that were never actually filed or signed and have no summons. There are many of these. Anthony cibellis case has no summons.
    6. Signs placed in acs facilities that prevent parents from having evidence or memories as can be seen on
    I would like to speak about these cases at your next public gathering on May 21, 2022


  2. My Granddaughters were taken by CPS (Taylor County WV) 2 years ago. They were ages 3 & 4. They were taken due to Drug Use in the home. They were brought to my home for 1 month. The parents would call and beg to see them. Call and beg to come talk to them and give them a hug. I told them they weren’t allowed and to not come over. Needless to say they didn’t stay away. The girls were so so happy to see them. We were outside at the time in the pool. I ask them to leave. With tears in everyone’s eyes they agreed to leave. The girls holding on with their hugs, I went inside to get my phone just in case. Within less than 30 seconds, CPS was in my house. Yelling, (yes yelling) they were taking my Granddaughters and we would never see them again. (Their exact words) the girls were crying they didn’t want to go. They didn’t want to leave me (YaYa) or my mom (grandma). I tried to explain to them and the police officer that I had ran in to get my phone to call if they didn’t leave. CPS said this was the 3rd. Time!! No, it was not. I have learned telling “their stories “ Lies was the way they handle mostly everything.
    My son tried to explain I told them they couldn’t be here. He begged for them not to take the girls. All I could do was try to comfort my Granddaughters and my mom.
    I was told to pack their belongings. So I did 💔
    I they had already put the girls in their vehicle (alone). I ask to say goodbye and CPS said as long as “I wasn’t upset and didn’t cry”. I went outside opened the doors to their vehicle and hugged the girls and followed the rules. Starting to cry I closed the doors and put my head down. They drove away taking my heart with them.
    After Months of my son being completely torn apart, HE CHOSE to go into Rehab. He completed on rehab program and was being sent home. He ask them to please help him find another program because he felt he needed more help. And they did! He then completed a longer program and felt he was able to stand on his own, along with classes and therapy and meetings and anything he could do to help himself and especially help to put his family back together.
    He has completed everything they told him he had to do to get his improvement period. Every Month they have MDT meetings. Every month they are told lies. Have never seen the girls. Have never even had a phone visitation. Have no clue where the girls are.
    I tried to give you the background storyline.
    In the state of WV, as a grandmother I have no rights. I’ve ask CPS for grandparent visitation. They said that’s not normally something that happens. I’ve said okay, not normally… but how can I get permission. As always, they will check into it…this never happens.
    To make sure I don’t keep anything from you, both parents were using drugs. Not around the children. There had been physical abuse by both parents, not in front of the girls. They did argument in the house when the girls were there.
    —- Both Parents are now 100% drug free.
    —- has finished Parenting classes, Therapy, Family Therapy, BIBS (I think) classes, clean drug screening for going on 2 years. CPS has stopped therapy and classes because they said they have completed everything. My son was arrested after the girls were removed. He was given 4months in jail. The Judge acknowledged everything he has done to live a better life. And all the changes he has made to turn his life around.
    At another hearing for the girls a different Judge told CPS “They have done Everything you have told them to do “ he advised CPS to set up their improvement period and visitation. He advised them, they NEVER followed up with anything.
    I know my story has been long. I’m at a complete Loss! I’ve written to our Governor. I’ve called Charleston our state capital. I’ve pleaded with CPS. We’ve followed the rules. They are now advising the parents a court date has been set to discuss taking away their parental rights. Set for May 2023. They have court appointed attorneys. They are Not helping, I should say 1 is not helping and the other has helped a little.
    If anyone could please advise me who I can contact. Or investigate CPS- Taylor County- Grafton WV.
    We have prayed and will continue praying. We’ve put this in the hands of God. Hearing they are going to discuss removing the parental rights… has me sick!!
    Thank you for taking the time to read my story. God bless you for everything you are doing to help families.
    Kelly Rus


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