Family Rights Attorney and Mother Arrested in Tennessee – Video

UPDATE: Connie Reguli has been released on her own recognizance. We are waiting for the mother to be released; she had to pay $1000 bond.

See livestreams on the Real News Spark Facebook page – internet was spotty, so the videos are short clips.

We thank Nashville’s Channel 5 News for being here for the duration, and Fox 17 for interviewing Connie and Wendy before they were arrested.

We will do another livestream after Wendy is released.

July 17, 2019

Attorney Connie Reguli turned herself in to police at the Brentwood, Tennessee, Police Station this morning.

We are outside the station waiting to hear more. She is expected to be released on her own recognizance.

Watch video below:

We will be following this story as it unfolds. Stay tuned.

For background, see article:

Tennessee To Arrest Attorney Connie Reguli for Advocating for Client’s Rights

6 thoughts on “Family Rights Attorney and Mother Arrested in Tennessee – Video

  1. Well lets talk about BOBBY RUSSEL’s Clerks in Sullivan County and how the Bristol Court House is a RIGGED Pit of Vipers. Yah see the Foreclosures Racket in Tennessee involving VAST NUMBERS of Illegally Obtained PREDATORY SUBPRIME MORTGAGES is a Huge RICO CRIME SCENE. See Birchfield vs. Deutsche Bank / JP Morgan Chase / Select Portfolio Services CASE No: 2:19-CV-0005 in Greeneville FEDERAL COURT. The reality is very simple THE COURTS IN TENNESSEE need to be FULLY AUDITED for Preying on the Poor and DESTRUCTION of the State and Federal Constitutions. THE SCAMS ARE ENDLESS


  2. Their arrests are utter crap in my personal opinion. The corrupt court system sure does not like when anyone stands up for themselves and others. This is why “we the people” need to stand up for our rights and stand up together. The backseat is no way to do it.


  3. Who was the corrupt judge who signed the warrant for the arrests? The judge and the Brentwood police need to be overwhelmed by our calls, and protests!! If they take away good lawyers, then we have no hope. Time to be LOUD !!!


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