Tennessee To Arrest Attorney Connie Reguli for Advocating for Client’s Rights

Connie Reguli is a strong voice for families. This photo was taken in 2018 at a rally in Washington D.C. Photo by Freedom Public Press.

By Terri LaPoint

July 16, 2019

Attorney Connie Reguli of Brentwood, Tennessee, is known for being an outspoken warrior who fights legally on behalf of families who are dealing with Child Protective Services. Now, she is being arrested after trying to help a parent secure due process.

On the morning of Tuesday, July 16, 2019, Connie Reguli received a phone call notifying her that there is a warrant out for her arrest.

She will be turning herself in to the Brentwood Police Department on Wednesday morning.

Connie has never been arrested before. The founder of the Family Forward Project has no criminal history, nor have there been any allegations of criminal activity. Yet, for doing her job as an attorney to have the voice of her client, a parent, be heard, she is being criminally charged.

Retaliation like this, Connie says, is the reason that families often cannot get legal help when their children are taken from them. Attorneys who fight for clients’ Constitution rights such as due process and who fight against corruption are often threatened or bullied into backing down.

This makes it difficult for parents whose children are taken by Child Protective Services, no matter how unjustly. Many attorneys are simply scared.

More often than not, the allegations against parents are baseless and end up being unsubstantiated. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services “Child Maltreatment” Report, only 17% of allegations against parents are substantiated. (See link.)

The charges against Connie Reguli are facilitation of custodial interference and accessory after the fact of custodial interference in the case of a client she represented. The client is also facing charges of custodial interference.

The client’s children were seized by the Tennessee Department of Children and Families (DCF) based on an “ex parte order.” That is, the order was brought before a judge and signed by a judge without notifying the mother or her attorney.

As the mother’s attorney, Connie Reguli asked for her client to have due process and get a court date where she could be heard after the children were seized on the basis of an ex parte order.

Ex parte orders are supposed to be reserved for times when there is an emergency situation, one in which there is risk of irreparable harm if parties have to wait for a court hearing. All too often, however, they are the normal practice in Child Protective Services cases.

In the case in question, there was never any evidence of the allegations against the mother, and the petition against her was ultimately dismissed. However, DCF took her children away from her, put them in several different foster homes, and subjected the children to almost a year of trauma before the case was dismissed and the children returned home.

Action Sparks

Connie will be turning herself in around 11 am. She anticipates being released on her own recognizance.

Anyone who would like to support Connie Reguli is invited to come to the Brentwood Police Department, 5211 Maryland Way # 1000, Brentwood, TN 37027, at 10:30 am on Wednesday, July 17.

Calls may be made on Connie’s behalf to the Williamson County District Attorney Kim R. Helper at (615) 794-7275. She is also on Facebook.

Real News Spark will be in Tennessee covering the story live from our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/RealNewsSpark/.

Follow RealNewsSpark.com for more updates.

For more on this story, watch “We Hold These Truths” with Seraphim Schwab. Connie Reguli was his guest Tuesday evening to talk about her story.

18 thoughts on “Tennessee To Arrest Attorney Connie Reguli for Advocating for Client’s Rights

  1. We ALL must take action, NOW!! or anyone can lose their children. Be legal, but also be loud, assertive, and persistent!
    Quiet pleasant comments will be seen by these predators as weakness!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am only one of Tennessee’s thrown away children from the department of childrens services.

      I will never forget and I will never stop screaming for the children who are still today taking my place and suffering from the consequences of this unaccountable broken system ..


  2. These are redundant charges. It was obviously proven that the proper legal procedure was not followed and the allegations/petitions dismissed. They’re lucky Connie’s so busy helping so many that she didn’t bring a Constitutional and Civil Rights Lawsuit against the County and Caseworkers + all Attorneys involved against the Mom. #KeepConnieReguliFree #EndCpsAbuseOfAuthority

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  3. what can we do to help Terri? This is so sickening I can’t believe it. She did her job and represented and defended her client and is now being arrested for doing so? And the mother too??

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank You Connie for trying (to help us!) I am in shock this happened but I know you probably are not. I just didn’t see it coming I know what the systems capable of. I don’t understand the charges where?! What the hell?!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. My name is connie Ford Johnson and I was trafficked under Tennessee child protective custody. Unregulated placement across state lines and abandoned at 13 years old in North Carolina. Tennessee reported me to the school as a runaway. The state continued to collect child support from my parents and government funded allowances for my care. Tennessee refuses to respond to my request for mercy and closure for my life.

    Not one lawyer will dare to fight for my endangerment and the direct impact of the state upon not just my life but the lives of all Tennessee’s thrown away children..

    This is a major issue for me .

    I will never stop fighting for the children who have taken my place..


  5. It’s time for the American people to make ourselves heard to the U.N.Human Rights Committee for Human Rights Violations and Civil Rights Violations at the hands of the United States Government for Ignoring, infringing and Neglecting the Rights Guaranteed to every citizen under our own constitution and The Human Rights infringements the U.S. is guilty of.


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