Parental Rights to Be a Priority for Republicans in Alabama

By Terri LaPoint, Real News Spark
January 19, 2023

Long before Alabama lawmaker Kenneth Paschal was elected to the Alabama House of Representatives, the retired Army Veteran made no secret that families and parental rights are worth fighting for. Now he is making good on his promise to the people of Alabama to work to secure parental rights in the state.

On January 12, Rep. Paschal prefiled a Parental Rights bill, House Bill 6, for the upcoming legislative session, and the chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, John Wahl is praising him for it.

Parental rights is an important issue for members of the Alabama Republican Party. Our membership overwhelmingly passed a resolution at our 2022 Summer Meeting calling on State Officials to secure that right. Rep. Paschal has been a champion on these issues, and we want to thank him for his work.”

John Wahl, ALGOP Chairman

In recent months several Republican Women’s groups across the state, including the Republican Women of Trussville, passed similar resolutions to that of the Alabama GOP, calling upon legislators to secure the God-given fundamental right of parents to direct the upbringing, education, and care of their children.

According to a Press Release by ALGOP:

Rep. Paschal pre-filed legislation for the 2023 Legislative Session addressing this need. House Bill 6 establishes that parents rights are a “fundamental right” not an “ordinary right,” and therefore cannot be stripped away without “compelling reason.”

“Both the U.S. Supreme Court and the Alabama Supreme Court have recognized that parental rights are a fundamental right, and it’s time state law reflected that. Parents know their children and their needs better than the government. Codifying this in state law will prevent the government from overreaching and overriding parental decisions,” said Chairman Wahl.

If passed, Alabama would join 15 other state that have ensured parental rights are a “fundamental right.” Shaun Alexander – former University of Alabama running back, 2005 NFL MVP, and National Vice President of the Parental Rights Foundation ( – has endorsed the measure.

Press Release from Rep. Kenneth Paschal


January 12, 2023

Contact: Kenneth Paschal (205)626-9458


State Rep. Kenneth Paschal (R – Pelham) announced on Thursday he has pre-filed a pro-family bill that would add Alabama to the growing list of 15 states which have opted to preserve and protect parental rights as “fundamental rights” under statute.

Paschal’s legislation ensures that Alabama recognizes parental rights as “fundamental rights,” which cannot be taken away unless there is a “compelling reason” to do so, rather than “ordinary rights,” which allow parental decisions to be overridden by state government more easily.

“As a God-fearing man and father, I stand in unity with parents across Alabama who believe that it is our fundamental right to raise our children without fear of unwarranted government intrusion and interference,” Paschal said. “Rather than creating additional rights, this bill simply preserves the rights already afforded to parents, who will be able to rest easy knowing that they won’t wake up one morning to find that the government is trying to erode their decision-making power in raising their children.”

Former NFL most valuable player and University of Alabama standout running back Shaun Alexander, who serves as vice president of the Parental Rights Foundation, said Paschal’s measure is a much-needed step in shielding parental rights from being weakened and, in some cases, revoked by intrusive government edict. Alexander’s statement read:

“I strongly support Rep. Paschal’s legislation that would enshrine in Alabama’s state code that the rights of parents are fundamental. While courts have long recognized these rights, it is time for the Alabama legislature to fully protect them by statute.

“One of life’s greatest honors is raising a child, which is a challenging task, a rewarding task, and, truth be told, a task that is key for the future of our great country. Few people will ever lead, provide, and protect a child like their parents.

“We must create the law that gives parents the authority to do that for their children. We must protect the family and the fundamental right to parent at the highest degree in the law. As a husband and father, I’m proud and honored to support this bill and urge that it be passed by the Alabama legislature and signed into law.”

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